If we confes our sins
He who is faithfull\
and just
will forgive  us our sins
and cleanse us
from all unrighteousness.

1John 1 : 9
NRSV Harper Study Bible

Repentance from Sin is a foundational principle for we who are followers of  Jesus Christ.

  In Acts Chapter 2 verse 38  Peter responds to the question - "What will we do...?"

with the command, the exortation to repent.

   My testomony is that repentance is  God's key to His impartation of His forgiveness  to me for my sin

and for my relese from it's bondages.

  I love the Lord  because He first loved me.

     but after I endured being sexually abused in my infant years  ( csa)  I was raised on a lie that I was mummies perfect boy.

     that lie conceiled  the carnage of csa

  In my early twenties  The Lord showed me the truth that set me free

in 1 John Chapter 1 verse 8  - I didn't have to play "being good"   any more

           I hated the facade, the lie to cover up csa

           one day, after hearing a message from Winkie Pratney  I was convicted of my sin

                fell to the floor on my knees and confessed that I am a sinneer - releasing me from the lie that  had imprisoned me in

                            the  mask of  a goodie goodie mummies boy - which in my heart I ws and am not.

                            I was free !    I hated living the lie outlined in 1 John  1 verse 10.

I willingly confessed my sins before God , as He showed them to me,

and found His forgiveness promised in 1 John 1 verse 9.