This page
and this ministry
is dedicated to
the survivors of csa
who are walking
the road
to recovery.

and in memory
of those who fell
in addiction
or suiside

may their suffering
and their death
not be in vein

may we who live
search out the answers.
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The Forgiveness Project.

I wrote this page, and the system  failed and its lost

come back  I will re - write it

founded on the  Parable of the shepherd finding the one lost sheep
                   the Parable of the compassionate Good Samaritan who helped the innocent robed man
that neither were at fault

     The robed, the wounded, the abused are not in need of repentance
      but rather:
  •  understanding
  • compassion
  • washing
  • healing
  • to be set free

  .The theology of repentance  serves well to reach out to sinners with the message of repentance and salvation.

   however there is a need for a theology and a ministry to those of us who were sined against.

       which would be characterised by:

  • compassion for those of us who suffered innocently at the hands of evil doers.
  • understanding the currently misunderstood
  • prayer for healing, renewing a mind tormented by memories of events no man should have been subjected to
  • prayer for cleansing and deliverance
  • an acceptance that csa does happen to boys and girls by evil doers who betrayed our trust
  • a renounciation of the discreditation and marginalisation which has hithertoo taken place.
  • prayerfully researching recovery and funding ministry to survivors of others sins
  • a willingness to cease using forgiveness as the default ministry tool
about forgiveness...
  • Sinners are in need of repentance and renouncing sin  and to restore where possable
  • the sinned against did not sin - no need of repentance  no sin to be repented of.
  •       (  consequencial sin is another matter but here we are ministering to causal factors  not the consequencial )
  • it is unhelpful to force or demand a survivor to prematurely forgive -
  • whilst some survivors responded to God's prompting to forgive and then found healing,
  • many of us needed to find a measure of healing before forgiving
  • forgiving is an act of grace in response to a revelation of the suffering Jesus endured to break the power of the pain endured by those of us who are survivors.
  • Christians and Pastors should not demand that we forgive - it is of the flesh  and is countr productive.
  • I for one have found that I forgave in God's time when I was ready and pre[pared by  God.
  • forgiveness should not be a default term used when a Christian or Pastor doesn't know what to say -most survivors have suffered under this response as it is presumptive.
  • forgiveness is an inappropriate demand to place on  those who have experienced abondonment
  • forgiving those who sin against us should be in response to Jesus grace, mercy, love and healing.
  • some tell us to forgive whilst rejecting us.  it's obvious.
  • premature forgiveness can hinder overcomming the denial of  what we endured.
  • some misuse forgiveness to facilitate the repression of our memory of what we endured.