Home Page of Enduring Faith at Homebush Bay - Links with London.           

                The advances in technology from 1972 to 1996 to 2000 to 2012  have been spectacular.

                 During the London Games in 2012 ministry in London
 and accross England has been multiplied through Facebook.
                  Facebook is incredably instantaneous  and readily multiplied.

                   This year I have linked to as many ministries as I could see on Facebook 
and shared many postings so that my Facebook wall
became a point to access Christian Ministry in London.  I have put the heading "Enduring Faith"  to clearly identify shared links.  The speed at which ministry is being multiplied from London is unprecedented.   When God's word is shared in London it literaly rickashades around the world.

                       May the light of Christ shine into London.

                    I am indebted to Doug Clements who wrote many messages based on scriptures which uses running and
sporting achievement to illustrate asopects of the Christian life which I shareed on my wall with his permission.

                    During the Games I have also posted scriptures, messages and prayers on my Facebook wall.

                    It was my intention to regularly updat this site but things move so quickly.
hopefully after the Games ( which end tomorrow morning Eastern Australian time)  I will write up the Facebook posts
onto this site for future referance. 


Peak prayer point  .

      It was the Missionaries from England, particularly who brought faith in Christ to the ends of the earth - Australia,
 New Zealand and the Islands of the Pacific.
I have been praying a blesing back to these once sending churches.

Declaration of dependance.